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A & R Way Boatbuilding

Adam was one of the Trustís earliest grantees and has had a consistently impressive performance since our first contact with him in 2004. We originally assisted him with the purchase of woodworking machinery and an all-weather canopy for larger boats. More recently, the Trust was able to help him with an interest free loan (in conjunction with the Kilfinan Trust) to fund the building of a traditional wooden Oban Skiff whose design Adam adapted from one he found in the National Museumís archive. He wanted to do this for stock and display, given the somewhat slow consumer market several years ago, and we felt the Skiff would sell quite well and allow him to repay us fairly quickly. Since then, business has improved and he is now employing three full-time staff at the Lochgilphead boatyard. Over the years Adam has experimented with a number of business locations to give his business better access to the water, but the ideal boatyard remained elusive; he has now decided to retain and improve his original Lochgilphead yard which is only accessible by road but has served him well. Several years ago, Adan ran a traditional boat building course for Tiree students and, as a result, two dilapidated Tiree boats were restored, enabling them to be sailed in the first Regatta held for ten years - a valuable contribution to the local community.
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