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Wilder Ways

After a great struggle to secure a mortgage from a national bank the business moved from Cowal to Kintyre in June 2019 and is now based at Glen Kerran Farm. The SJ Noble and Kilfinan trusts had already provided start up and expansion loans to this business in the past and were happy to assist them in securing the aforesaid commercial mortgage. The business used its own cash to carry out renovation works and the house has now been upgraded and re-decorated. The barn for the horses has also been completed and fencing works are continuing apace. As a result they received all of the necessary certification from the Council and Trekking & Riding Society to allow them to be ready to receive their first clients in mid-July. They now have 4 guest rooms and 3 bathrooms as well as a guest lounge and dining room. Since mid-July they have run 8 short breaks (3 nights) and 2 full weeks (7 nights) all of which were fully booked and feedback from guests has been excellent. Wilder Ways now supports Cara & Nikki full time, plus 3 full time permanent employees and one volunteer. They have also had 3 WorkAway volunteers during the summer and they employ a housekeeper 30hrs per week during the season. While Cara & Nikki are running the riding, housekeeping, breakfast & lunches, a neighbour is providing the guests evening meals. They are also working with local food producers to supply meals and closely with local landowners to secure access for riding. They are also looking at what it would take to make the Kintyre Way horse accessible. Wilder Ways has a waiting list of guests wanting to book for next year and they are now looking to update their marketing to reflect the move to the new venue.
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