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Ecopod Boutique Retreats

The Ecopod boutique holiday retreat business at Appin is rather an unusual one, but the Trust felt this application deserved support in 2011 and it continues to appeal to many - especially environmentally conscious holidaymakers - over a surprisingly long season, given the variable weather. We had a good look at the first Ecopod, in a hillside location with spectacular views over Loch Linnhe, and felt comfortable about supporting the construction of a second one through a grant and an interest-free loan. The second Pod’s opening prompted considerable publicity in national newspapers and magazines and encouraged us to hope that this business should be able to expand further and create more local, if seasonal, employment. Jim and Nicola were very busy last year, expanding and improving their café nearby, having bought out their half-share. This was followed by the installation of a Biomass heating boiler and work on the third Ecopod, due to open soon and which is likely to be as popular as the first two.
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